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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 smashes franchises’ first week sales history

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

EA has recently announced that the newest installment of the long-running Tiger Woods PGA Tour franchise has shattered all previous first week sales records. Spearheaded by the long awaited arrival of The Masters course in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters, EA’s internal estimates place the title at 225,000 units sold. This figure places 12 firmly atop the pile, exceeding the previous record held by PGA Tour 8 in 2007, by a healthy 17 percent. Looking at the long range picture, EA is reporting the year-over-year, week one console digital revenues for the franchise have increased by a massive 200 percent. Keep in mind, when EA talks about the Tiger Woods franchise, they’re also including properties under the Woods’ umbrella, including the iPhone and iPad offerings. Adding to the “winning” at the EA/Tiger Woods camp, the company also points to strong iTunes sales, with the aforementioned iOS apps garnering the #1 top grossing sports game app position the day it launched and throughout the remainder of that week. Oddly enough, the iOS versions of the title do not include the hallmark Masters Tournament or the Augusta National Golf Club.

“We expected fans to be excited about the Masters and for sales to be up significantly. We’re pleased that they are,” said Peter Moore, President of EA SPORTS in a statement. “Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 12: The Masters has earned rave reviews, and fans have played nearly two million rounds at Augusta National Golf Club during the first two weeks.”

And this newest installment of the Tiger Woods series is worthy of the praise. First and foremost, both real-world and non golfers have been clamoring for an authentic replication of arguably, the world’s most famous golf course since the inception of video game golf. Thanks to remarkable advancements in technology, Augusta, GA’s classic has been fully laser scanned, and it accurate down to six millimeters. External media have taken note, with commenting, “each hole is rendered perfectly down to the last azalea and the course plays as tough as it looks on TV.” The all-things-sports publication gave Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters a 9.5 out of 10 rating. Likewise, Golfweek ads, “the attention to details and the new features make it tough to imagine it can get much better than here,” and provided a rating of 9 out of 10.

In addition to the ultra-realism of The Masters course, both long-time and new comers to the game are treated to an (almost) completely revamped method of play. The games’ Career Mode and all new Caddie system still have that new-car smell, and an all new broadcast system are sure to delight. Fans can challenge more than 20 professional golfers, including new additions Zach Johnson, Rickie Fowler, and Bubba Watson.

By the numbers, EA is reporting that since it’s March 29th launch, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 has racked up over 7 million games played on all courses, with over 184 million golf shots taken. These drives, pitches, and puts have resulted in 1.5 million achievements and trophies unlocked and 12 million course mastery objectives completed. From the online world, the title has garnered the equivalent of 2,515 PGA Tour seasons in online tournaments.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters is available for $59.99 for Xbox and PlayStation3, $49.99 for Wii, and $69.99 for the PS3 exclusive Collector’s Edition. For some Tiger on the go, fans can find a $4.99 iPhone and $9.99 iPad version of the latest installment available via iTunes, as well as a free version available for iPhone and iPod Touch. This free version allows players full functionality when combined with the “Closest to the Pin” Facebook Challenge.


EA plans Masters release of Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

EA Sports announced yesterday, in conjunction with Tiger Woods’ return to golf statement, that the full commercial version of Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online will go live on or around the time of this years’ upcoming Masters golf tournament.

Tiger WoodsEA’s Peter Moore revealed at the IMG World Congress of Sports in Los Angeles that the launch of the browser based, free-to-play title will coincide with consumers peak interest in the golfing world. “It’s more than serendipity. That’s when people start thinking golf. It’s the first major,” comments Moore.

Moore also revealed that current beta testers are playing around 40,000 rounds of golf a day. The final version of the Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online will remain free-to-play, but will also feature subscriptions, microtransactions, advertising, and possible downloads. Moore declined to comment on any of the pricing structures.

Adding to the Tigermania, EA Sports, which generates approximately 30 percent of EA’s overall income reports that they’re still on track with their planned June release of the console version of the Tiger Woods franchise which will be available for the wii, Xbox 360, PS3, and iPhone.

Clearly, EA is capitalizing on Tiger Woods’ recent announcement that he’ll be returning to the golf tour this coming April in Augusta, Georgia. And unless you’ve been living under a rock, we all know the trouble surrounding Tiger’s personal life as of late. As a result, Woods has seen a fair share of sponsors either distance themselves from, or drop completely, Tiger’s endorsement deals. Accenture PLC, AT&T Inc., and PepsiCo Inc’s Gatorade all backed out on their sponsorship deals. On the other side of the coin, both Nike Inc. and EA Sports have stood strong behind their golfer of choice.

A quick look at what Tiger’s announcement has done to the golf world may bode extremely well for those that decided to stay behind Tiger. Normally selling for around $200 a ticket, post Tiger’s entry announcement, ticket outlet StubHub reports prices averaging around $500. The site reported seeing 5 times the normal activity on Tuesday, and pages where Masters tickets could be purchased experiences a 70 percent surge in traffic. Granted, these are only ticket prices, and have no direct connection to how well the online game will perform, but….if this data is an indication of things to come, EA’s ‘stand by your man’ policy could reap rewards tenfold.

The EA Sports/Tiger Woods deal was inked back in 1997, and 12 versions of the console game have borne Woods’ name. It’s estimated that the Tiger Woods titles sell around 2 million copies annually, generating around $80 million in net revenue.


On average, Battlefield Heroes users spend $20 in game

Thursday, August 13th, 2009

EA/DICE’s great experiment with free-to-play/microtransactions supported gaming seems to be paying off. In a recent interview with IGN, senior analytics manager Rommy Ghaly dished out some outstanding numbers and stats surrounding the browser based f2p title.

battlefieldheroes20094While Battlefield Heroes has suffered some production and launch setbacks, it seems as though holding fire has paid off well for EA. Since the launch of the closed beta back in February, the bright and shiny “Play Now” button has been clicked over 40 million times. Battlefield Heroes officially counts over 1.5 million registered users playing from over 133 countries across the globe. However, the majority of these users come from just ten countries – the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, France, Sweden, Russia, Canada, Poland and Brazil.

Battlefield Heroes has two unique forms of in-game currency. Battlefunds are used to upgrade characters’ clothing options, as well as provide temporary advancement points, such as added experience and/or valor points boosts. Battlefunds are those that can be purchased via RMT’s. Conversely, Valor points may not be purchased outside the game, and are the currency used for functional in-game items such as new weapons and special consumable attributes. According to Ghaly, 76 percent of all Battlefunds are spent on character customizations, clearly indicating users are willing to spend to make their character unique. The hot ticket Battlefield Heroes items? The Kommendant’s Coat, the Special Forces Officer Cap, Maverik’s Sunglasses, the Elite Camo Trousers and the Marksman’s Honor. The remaining 24 percent of Battlefunds cash spent are primarily aimed at the 30 day xp boost, the 1 day xp boost, and the 30 day Valor points boost. While these items do not provide any pay-to-pwn advantage, they do help players earn hero abilities and purchase better weapons.

And now for the math. Given that Ghaly confirmed that Battlefield Heroes has over 1.5 million registered users, and that these registered users spend, on average, $20 on in-game microtransactions, that would line EA’s coffers with a whopping $30 million in microtransactions revenue.

Perhaps I’m missing something here, but I’ve yet to find any other data supporting one single title bringing home this much bacon solely from microtransactions. Oh, and let’s not forget that Battlefield Heroes offers users a server rental feature that allows them to play private games with their friends, i.e. additional revenue streams.

EA has clearly indicated that they are very much indeed interested in microtransactions, having implemented them in both the Tiger Woods franchise, as well as Madden 10. If Battlefield Heroes continues to be a success for the software giant, could we see even more of the free-to-play type action coming out of Redwood City?


Ntreev revamps and relaunches free-to-play casual golf game

Friday, April 24th, 2009

Previously known as Albatross 18, Ntreev USA has recently revamped and is preparing to relaunch their casual golf game, Pangya.  Now in beta at, the new version includes full game play from Pangya’s Season 3.  Ntreev plans on pumping the game full of Season 4 content just before the summer (May).  This new season 4 content will feature new characters, locations, and a number of new customization options.

pangyaFormer Albatross 18 players will be able to transfer their accounts to Pangya, as well as all accounts setup during this beta phase.

“Pangya has enjoyed worldwide success and popularity, including its tremendous mainstream popularity in the U.S. market,” said Chris Lee, CEO at Ntreev USA. “Pangya offers a unique golf experience that is easy to pick-up-and-play, and appeals to a wide variety of skilled and casual players alike. We are excited that we could bring it back to the North American players who love it.”

The free-to-play casual game takes players out onto the green in an easy to pick up and play golf experience, suited for players of all levels.  Featuring simple and intuitive controls, players that are familiar with windows are already familiar with Pangya game controls.  The game also allows players a high level of customization, featuring 8 unique playable characters with thousands of possible character costume, accessories, equipment, club, power boosts, combinations.  These character upgrades will be made available via an in game shop for microtransaction purchase.

Pangya’s microtransaction purchased are made via the in game cash system known as Pang.  Players earn pang by finishing a hole at par or better, and by showcasing powerful shots.

An interesting and unique approach to free-to-play gaming, and a possible casual play alternative to EA’s popular Tiger Woods golf, Pangya is now open for beta at