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Fallout3 Survival Edition NOT shipping to Europe? Contest anyone?

Saturday, June 7th, 2008

If you live anywhere outside the US, your chances of picking up the super spiffy Collectors Survival Edition of Fallout3 are pretty much slim to none.

To add insult to injury, even residents of the Great White North are going to have to pack it up and make a day trip over the boarder to their American P.O. box to receive their copy.

The survival edition comes decked out with a life-sized replica of the wrist mounted Pip-Boy 3000 worn by characters in the game, a super smooth Vault Tech metal lunch box, a Vault Boy bobble-head (who’s ride or desk would be complete without one?), an ‘Art of’ book and a ‘Making of’ DVD. Oh, and the game is included as well. confirms that the item will only be shipped within the US (and or APO/FPO boxes), and hits the streets October 7th.

So the question is, how on earth will those of us in Europe that are serious fanboys of all things 3000 get out hands on this rockin’ wrapping of Fallout 3? Well, look no further, as yours truly has a connection in the States, and can get my hands on a copy shipped direct from the land of cadilliacs and cheeseburgers. So who’s up for a contest? Based on repsonses below, I might even be able to convince upper management to sponsor a contest with the Survival Edition as the grand prize. In addition to Fallout 3 Survival Edition, we’d be sure to chuck in all kinds of fatfoogoo goodies as well.

So let’s hear it….who is Europe’s biggest Fallout fan?