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New Sonic Unleashed High Europe trailer released

Wednesday, June 18th, 2008

Whoa…Sonic who? Sonic the what? You’ve probably asked yourself the same question after reading the headline. But yes, Sonic is back. Sonic and Sega are back in a big way.

After the Dreamcast factory doors closed, it was pretty much the last nail in the coffin for what once was one of Sega’s most successful games: Sonic the Hedgehog. Or at least the one we all played before we got any other games, as Sonic was included.

Well it seems as though Sega is bringin’ back the old skool with some new skool skillz. Check out the trailer:

YouTube Preview Image

OMFG! Did you catch that? Daaaang! THIS my friends, is what a good Sonic game should be! Super fast, almost to the point of “RUFKM? I can’t see what’s going on!” levels, brilliantly worked 3d graphics and environments (I can’t wait to see Sonic blaze through the colleseum) and the music! Yay for Sega for getting the soundtrack right (Think “I want to fly high”). Oh, and did you catch the context sensitive buttons popping up during that alley run? W00t!

Hopefully this isn’t just another Intelliscope/Microsoft, “hey let’s leak it to the public and see if they’re interested, and then deny the whole thing” ploy. Although it doesn’t look like it as the trailer teases with “Holiday 2008” at the very end.

Note to self….clear at least 3 days after Christmas to dedicate to a fury blue erinaceomorpha with his incredible speed!

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