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True Games and Petroglyph announce new free-to-play: Mytheon

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008

The new free-to-play, microtransaction based Action Strategy/RPG Mytheon is the title of the upcoming offering from the True Games/Petroglyph partnership we first reported back in August.

Petroglyph is best known for their award winning work with Star Wars: Empire At War and Universe At War real time strategy games.  Key members of the Petroglyph team were also involved in the development of the original Command and Conquer series while at Westwood Studios.  Mytheon hails as uncharted territory for Petroglyph, as this is their first microtransaction game.

Mytheon has a planned launch date of Fall 2009, and is slated to combine the best elements of action, strategy, and RPG game-play with a heavy emphasis on collectability and combat (read – blow shit up!).  Players will find themselves in a fantasy universe heavily laden with mythology themes.  The starting area turns out to be a no-surprises-here-isn’t-this-where-it-all-started Greece.  Ongoing expansions will follow that will further adventurers into exotic mythologies from every corner of the world and historical time period.  Designed with ‘not just once’ playability in mind, Mytheon seeks to offer players real-time combat and customizations that will invite them to play the same scenarios in a wide variety of ways via group, PVP, and solo play, an addition to an integrated social networking component.

“There really isn’t a game on the market today that someone could compare to Mytheon,” said Jeff Lujan, Founder and Chairman of True Games Interactive. “The game truly creates an entirely new genre offering a combination of features that gamers would normally have to play several different games to get. There is no doubt it is an ambitious project, but Petroglyph has routinely delivered AAA quality, genre-defining games and Mytheon continues that pedigree.”

Thus far, Mytheon is offering three different character classes each with it’s own specific “power stone” specialty.  These power stones are collected throughout the game and offer players unique abilities including the abilities to conjure spells and summon minions.

“The passion and energy behind Mytheon has been tremendous at Petroglyph. This is exciting new territory for Petroglyph to explore,” said Chuck Kroegel, CEO and General Manager of Petroglyph. “We are making a compelling and addictive new genre that will have you fully immersed and entertained. We couldn’t have asked for a better partner than True Games to take this journey with us and I’m certain that together we’ll deliver a long-lasting new franchise.”

Again, Mytheon is slated for a Fall 2009 release, and something tells me, there’ll definitely be a True Games/Petroglyph presence at this coming summer’s GDC in Cologne.

For further info about this exciting up coming free-to-play, visit the True Games/Petroglyph team at

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