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Combat Arm opens non-in-game shopping

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

Nexon’s popular free-to-play title, Combat Arms is adding yet another layer to it’s available purchasing options. Players of the FPS may already customize just about every feature of their character via the games’ in-game item shop, the Black Market. Beginning April 14th, players no longer need to be logged into the game to purchase digital goods for their characters.

Slated to launch tomorrow, Combat Arms players will be able to purchase weapons and gear with NX (Nexon’s currency) directly from the game’s website. In other words, by making this possible, players no longer need to be logged in, and actually playing in order to make purchases. This option now opens an entirely separate revenue option for Nexon. Think student at school, or casual office worker. They both know that their clan is heading into a major battle this evening, but real-life comes first, and that test must be taken, or those reports submitted. They may not have time to get to the Black Market, equip, and get used to their new gear. With nothing more than a website visit, a login, and a few clicks, this new piece of pwnage will be waiting for their character the next time they log into the game.

In addition to the “mobile mall,” Nexon is also introducing a series of new achievements, as well as two new pieces of virtual gear.

The achievement systems aids players in raising their “Combat Score,” (or overall achievement score) which benefits from each of 65 different medals offered within the game. This now brings the added dimension of achievements, allowing players to compare stats, another social driver behind continued game play. At it’s introduction, medals can be earned for both general performance, as well as game mode success.

To celebrate the new gear, achievements, and alternative purchasing power, Nexon will offer a on-day sale of a permanent UMP submachine gun on April 21st. This special piece of trigger pulling fun can be purchased with 100k Gear Points, the currency acquired through game play. This is just one part of a current Combat Arms promotion, “Explosives Month.”

Thought of the Day – What is Nexon testing here? Clearly, they have a number of other successful free-to-play titles. By adding the purchasing power offsite, with a particular emphasis on, “buy on the go,” how long will it take before the rest of Nexon’s titles offer the same? And if so…how long will it be before Nexon releases an iPhone/Android/Smart Phone application that allows players to centralize their in-game purchases, with the added value of cross-promotion?