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Nexon delivers a quality experience – reaps the financial rewards

Wednesday, August 19th, 2009

Hot on the heels of the news of posting record profits, Nexon America announced yesterday that they’ve also set a few records of their own. Looking at July ’08 vs. ’09 saw a 35 percent increase in revenues.

Leading the revenue surge was Nexon’s now 6 year old (Korean) and 4 year old (North America) free-to-play genre defining Maple Story. This past July saw a record number of more than 70,000 max concurrent users online. Nexon America counts over 6 million registered users, only a small fraction of Maple Story’s 92 million total worldwide players.

To put this into perspective, the NPD Group recently reported a 29 percent drop in video game industry revenues in July ’09, when compared to the year before. So where’s the disconnect? Obviously, the current global economic situation has forced consumers into tightening the belt, and holding off on new hardware and software purchases. When looking at the current situation and instigating the “Some things will have to go,” mentality, surely that gaming subscription might be one of the first things to go. Et viola, enter stage right the appeal of free-to-play gaming.

“The economy has been tough on great deal of the games industry, but we fought hard to retain our customers and to bring in as many new players as possible,” said Min Kim, Nexon America’s vice president of marketing. “We’re heavily investing on all fronts – in our games, our publishing platform, aggressive marketing efforts as well as customer service. The best news for Nexon America is that our success isn’t just reflected in registered users, but in actual, dramatic revenue growth.”

During the month of July, Nexon put the pedal to the metal with marketing efforts including a massive internet wide campaign for their fantasy MMOG, Mabinogi. The company also ran major television and feature film preview advertising campaigns for Maple Story. If that wasn’t enough, Nexon’s popular FPS Combat Arms currently has a major campaign underway.

Coinciding with these advertising blitzes, Nexon delivered major content updates to Mabinogi, MapleStory and Combat Arms, obviously not disappointing newcomers, and keeping long time players interested.

“We are serious about making Nexon the top brand in online gaming, and we are not backing on down our efforts to deliver more content to our customers or aggressively work to attract new players,” said Kim. “We pioneered the free-to-play business model when we brought MapleStory to North America in 2005. With the slew of new games we have planned and the BlockParty initiative, which will bring players together like never before, we will continue to be the leader in this market for years to come.”

So while this question hasn’t really been at the forefront of the battle for a while, I think with Nexon’s numbers, can we officially call this “but can it be profitable?” debate to rest? I think so.


Nexon America strikes deal with Integri

Thursday, April 2nd, 2009

Free-to-play pioneer Nexon announced yesterday that they’ve struck an exclusive advertising deal with Integri, a leading video game and entertainment advertising representation company.  This is a first for Nexon, as up until now all advertising was done in house.  Under the terms of the agreement, Integri will represent and supply advertising opportunities for Nexon’s portfolio of games including MapleStory, Combat Arms, and Mabinogi.  This new partnership also obviously opens the doors for in-game advertising opportunities for Nexon as well.

nexon_logoAccording to the latest comScore reports, Integri offers advertisers and marketers an unparalleled edge in today’s online gaming and digital entertainment industry.  Nexon now finds itself in ‘heavy hitter’ territory as Integri currently has relationships with both Activision Vivendi and Sony Online Entertainment in their client list.  Targeting the coveted male (18 – 24) and female (25-54) consumer base, Integri creates customized, site specific and channel-wide opportunities designed to help each advertiser deploy tailored, integrated advertising campaigns, including banner ads, takeovers and in-game opportunities, across entertainment and specialized gaming categories including massively multiplayer online (MMO) and first person s hooter (FPS) genres.

“Nexon has always been a pioneer and leader in the free-to-play category,” said Jayson Dubin, president of Intergi. “Intergi’s exclusive and proprietary partnerships with a collection of today’s hottest online gaming and entertainment sites, offers one of the best point of entries to connecting with the coveted demographic of males 18-34 years old. Add our reach to Nexon’s market position and the possibilities for reaching gaming enthusiasts are endless.”

Nexon America, who by now should be a household name when it comes to free-to-play titles, has been cranking out hit after hit since arriving in Los Angeles 4 years ago.  Their breakthrough hit, MapleStory is still running strong today, and they’ve recently introduced a new fantasy inspired title named Mabinogi.  Nexon also operates Combat Arms, a fully free-to-play first person shooter that’s been a big hit with fans of the genre.

“Advertising is going to help Nexon America improve our services as a leader in free-to-play gaming,” said Min Kim, vice president of marketing for Nexon America. “Our user base is enthusiastic and growing, which makes us a great opportunity for marketers. And this partnership is going to allow us to improve the entire free-to-play experience for all Nexon gamers.”

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Nexon America appoints new CEO: Daniel S. Kim

Wednesday, March 4th, 2009

Daniel S. Kim has recently been appointed to the CEO position at Nexon America.  He will oversee the day-to-day management and operations of the premier destination for free-to-play games in North America.  Wasting no time, Kim’s appointment is effective as of March 3rd.

daniel_kim_nexon“Nexon emerged as an innovator in the gaming industry by mapping its own direction, and I believe in maintaining this spirit as CEO,” said Kim. “There’s great potential in this company, and what we can deliver to the entertainment marketplace in North America. Nexon pioneered the free-to-play model in North America, and I’m thrilled to join Nexon America to continue to lead the market with more high quality, live gaming experiences for our users.”

Kim, who holds a Masters Degree of Science in Product Design and a Bachelor of Science Degree from Stanford University, has been with Los Angeles based Nexon since November 2006 (remember, Nexon North America was founded in 2005).  Prior to coming to Nexon, he served as a VP in charge of Asia-Pacific business development for IDEO. And remember Handspring Inc.?  Kim was one of the folks behind this product, where he served as senior product design engineer.  At Handspring Inc., Kim managed research, design, development and production of the digital device.  Capping off a list of already impressive accomplishments, Daniel Kim has also served as director of design and user experience at DoDots, Inc.

“The growth of free-to-play gaming in North America is hitting its stride and Daniel is an ideal candidate to lead Nexon America in a competitive marketplace,” said S.W. Choi, global chief executive officer for Nexon Group. “He is a proven leader in our company, and understands how Nexon can effectively grow as a brand and a business in North America.”

Kim has certainly put in his time with Nexon, and his double threat of Product design and engineering put him in a unique position to drive the Nexon ship.  I guess my only question is, “What happened to John H. Chi, the companies former President and CEO?”

Congratulations Mr. Kim, we look forward to seeing how you take Nexon North America to the next level.

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Nexon goes live with free-to-play ‘Combat Arms’

Friday, July 11th, 2008

Nexon America Inc. announced yesterday the release of their new free to play game ‘Combat Arms’.  This is Nexon’s first online multiplayer first person shooter title.  As with all Nexon titles, Combat Arms is free to play and features a variety of microtransaction items available for purchase.  These items include character look customization, a wide variety of weapons – which in turn can be customized to include silencers, scopes, and extended magazines of ammo.

The official launch recognizes the close of beta testing, along with a number of improvements and additional content added to the game.  The game also features a built in ranking system whereby players can track their skill levels, kills, clan battles and more.

Both seasoned beta testers and n00bs can have a view of current rankings and/or signup and get started at

“Combat Arms carves out a unique space in the modern FPS market by eliminating subscription fees and locked areas and adding plenty of free weapons,” said Nexon America VP of Marketing Min Kim. “For the first time, gamers can experience a high-quality FPS experience for free. Plus, Nexon’s community features and online stat-tracking let fans tally score kills and talk trash with their friends between matches – with the in-game proof to back it up in the rankings.”

Combat Arms is a first person shooter that allows players to battle in numerous combat zones and fight epic battles against friends and foes.  Updates are delivered throughout the game and since the launch, leveling up will unlock new weapons and a new battle map that transports players to a biochemical lap deep in the heart of (Siberia?) a frozen tundra.

Not included in the initial beta test, but now available to fraggers is a fourth game mode “Capture the Flag”, a perennial favorite that most surely be included in any MMO gaming experience.  This classic gameplay focuses on team coordination and stealth, allowing specialized players to work their magic.

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