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EA and Crytek give the gift of free – Shades of Futures Past?

Thursday, December 18th, 2008

Starting tomorrow, December 19th, players across the globe can get a taste of Crysis Wars, including a new Holiday map pack, for the price of a piece of air.  In other words – absolutely free.  The promotion runs only ten days – the 19th through the 29th of December 2008.

Crysis Wars is the new multiplayer version of the perennial favorite Crysis franchise, as well as a part of this fall’s Crysis Warhead, the follow up to Crysis.  Crysis has been showed with awards including the IGN and Gamespot Editor’s Choice Awards.  Crysis Wars includes three completely different multiplayer modes: InstantAction, TeamInstantAction and PowerStruggle, with 21 diverse maps ranging from large, expansive battlefields, to more ‘intimate’ small scale battlefields.

Chucked in just in time for this ‘free-to-play’ promotion, the Holiday Map Pack will include:

  • Savanna (PowerStruggle): The large savanna plains in the neighborhood of the Victoria Falls provide ideal maneuvering grounds for heavy armored vehicles. The North Korean army has found out about this training facility and launched an attack on the US forces. This large map is perfect for 24-32 players.
  • Frost (TeamInstantAction): As the Alien invasion progresses, new crash sites are discovered around the globe. In the region of Trondheim, NK and US battle it out for new energy sources. This small map is great for 8-16 players.

Registrations are open at, along with a free client download.  Players will receive a unique key generated on the site that will correspond to their registered account.  This key will throw the Crysis doors wide open to players starting at 9:00 AM Pacific Standard Time and remain open until 11:59:59 PM Pacific Standard Time.

Crysis Warhead is naturally available for purchase at retail stores and digital content delivery services for the comparatively low price of $29.99.

Now is it just me, or is EA making a lot of waves in the ‘free’ category.  Sure, the one way to look at this is a simple marketing promotion of a pretty slick game.  We all know this promotion, and I’ll admit, these ‘open trials’ have hooked me on more than a few games in the past, but what if this again, is EA testing the whole ‘free-to-play’ waters?  Obviously the marketing data surrounding this promotion is enough to keep EA’s team crunching numbers right on through to February.  First the on going Battlefield Heroes saga, then Riccitello’s ‘misunderstanding’ regarding Knights of the Old Republic being microtransaction based, and then Crysis free for 10 days?  Maybe I’m way off here, but something is afoot at EA, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see EA drop a bombshell next year and REALLY shake things up.

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