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NVIDIA seeks to set Guinness Record at NVISION 08

Monday, June 23rd, 2008

If bringing in super hottie Tricia Helfer wasn’t enough to get the numbers up at NVISION, NVIDIA is pulling out all the stops, and attempting to set a Guinness World’s record of “Longest Non-Stop LAN party” ever.

In itself, this is a massive undertaking.  Guinness has shown support as well, “This will be one of the most exciting gaming record attempts of the year. I’ve been really impressed with the enthusiasm of the NVISION team and I look forward to being the official adjudicator for this great event,” commented Gaz Deaves, records manager, Guinness World Records.

NVIDIA has ramped up the stakes:  Not only will players go down in history, but NVIDIA is also chucking in numerous prizes including: a commemorative medal, custom gear, and gift cards.

“I have faith and confidence in the NVIDIA gaming community, one of the most loyal, energetic, and enthusiastic core audiences of NVIDIA since we were a startup,” said Sheryl Huang, NVIDIA marketing director and veteran of countless LAN events. “At NVIDIA events in the past, these guys have been up all night anyway. Their energy is incredible. I’m looking forward to them setting this record and earning a place in the Guinness Book of World Records. It’s glory time.”

The Guinness attempt is quickly shaping up to be a flagship event at NVISION with a separate area for LAN Game record attempters.  The will play continuous for 36 hours with an allotted 10 minute break per 60 minutes played.  Is that the smell of RedBull in the air?

The attempt is made possible by EVGA, the Marquee sponsor (read: big money), and Patriot Memory, an official sponsor of the event (read: money, but not as big money as EVGA).

Interested in seeking fame and glory at NVISION?  If you’ve got enough no-doze and pwning skills, take your best shot at being invited on the team at:

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