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Apple announces Gaming selections for iPhone

Tuesday, June 10th, 2008

Steve Jobs and company are having themselves one heck of a party in San Francisco right now. Amongst Jobs’ exciting announcements in his keynote speech yesterday was the unveiling of what we’ve all been waiting for: Hot games on a hot phone!

Developers are free to set their own prices for games, and keep 70% of all revenues generated. You’ll be able to purchase games from the iPhone itself, provided that the file size is less than 10MB (please keep this in mind publishers). If the game file is over the 10MB limit, you’ll have to grab it via wi-fi or iTunes on a PC. This policy falls in line with all other iPhone downloads/installs.

A number of publishers were on stage with Jobs in a horse and pony show, obviously trying to 1-up the other. Without further adieu, fatfoogoo proudly presents:

The holy worldwide developers conference Steve Jobs keynote speech guide to the gaming grail. (Pics courtesy of Engadget’s outstanding coverage of the event).

Sega brought out and old favorite for iPhone: Super Monkey Ball. While initially previewed at the SDK launch, the perennial favorite with those incredibly maddening tilt levels that you had to clear through to get to the mini games. Right. Now just imagine that on the iPhone. The iPhone version of Super Monkey Ball will have more than 100 Levels. Oye vey!

Loopt is a location aware social networking tool. For those that can’t get enough of their 15 minutes of fame, Loopt allows you to broadcast, and likewise see, pinpoint locations of where you and your Loopt friends are on a map. User profiles can show a daily track of where you’ve been. Along with the Big Brother technology, Loopt also makes it very easy to mobile blog, send a photo, text, or make a call to friends, all within the app.

Pangea Games came to town ready to rock. They brought the noise with 2 titles ready to go for iPhone. First up? Enigmo. Enigmo is a pure physics based game (no mom, I’m working on improving my grades) and takes advantage of the use of iPhones touch controls as well as iPhones smokin’ processor power. The concept is simple enough with water droplets bouncing around and successfully porting them to another location.

The second title is Cro-Mag Rally, a caveman racer. Cro-Mag also uses the tilt controls, has nine tracks and ten cars. Racers are certainly not new to handheld gamers, ‘phones’ even, but….have you ever seen graphics like this on your phone?

Digital Legends brought it’s best via a rather complex looking 3D fantasy battle game. Think of it as a mishmash between God of War and Tomb Raider. Word on the street is that it only took them 2 weeks to program it. If the Digital Legends name rings a bell….yes, it’s the same folks that are pushing ONE for N-Gage.

And finally…while technically not a true ‘game’, I personally think this might be the most entertaining t-bone steak on the table: Band. While technically not a full blown version of Apple’s GarageBand, an independent developer, MooCowMusic from the UK has developer an app fro iPhone that has a virtual Piano, Drums, a 12-bar blues (ummm) “Instrument”, and a bass. Band allows you to arrange and rearrange original tunes and record them. I’m waiting for the next Guitar Hero vs. Band live battle contest.

All titles are scheduled to be available for the Apple App Store’s launch in July for $9.99.

All in all a tasty roundup. I’m not sure how many of these titles will actually make it to my iPhone, but I’m certain there’ll be that annoying long wait for the next train where impulse shopping will get the best of me.


Fatfoogoos off to Londontown

Thursday, May 29th, 2008

Yes that’s right ladies and gentlemen, fatfoogoo is heading to the land of fish and chips, one seriously big clock, and drivers on the wrong side of the road.

Last year over 450 attendees from 23 countries descended upon the Virtual Worlds Forum Europe in London. With over 80 speakers, 2 days of workshops, conferences, expos and networking functions this was THE conference to be at.

This year’s event looks to meet and exceed expectations. With over 600+ professionals interviewed regarding content, take home podcasts, demo and keynote theatre as well as tech developer streams, that’s enough alone to make one shout ‘Blimey!’. But wait….there’s more! Building upon the overwhelming success of the expo area, this year’s Forum includes stands from 25 exhibitors, a shell build scheme, previously mentioned demo and keynote theatre live and in person on the demo floor, live tech developer streams, and 400+ expo only passes.

Direct from Virtual Worlds Forum:

VWF 08 helps you harness the power of virtual worlds to engage with clients, suppliers or customers, connecting brands, corporations, digital and virtual worlds agencies, entertainment and games companies, technologists, academics, regulators and VCs.

We are working on bringing you a bigger expo, more great content and workshops, and parties. We like to party.

Funny…we like to party too!

Our beloved fatfoogoos are raiding London this 6-7 October, are already registered as Associate Sponsors, and our very own Martin Herdina has applied for a speaker placement. Alas, the VWF hasn’t gotten back to us quite yet, but if placement if based on knowledge, experience and all around ‘He’s a good guy to listen to, and knows his stuff’; Herdina’s headed to the podium mighty fast.