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fatfoogoo at the vgSummit 2008

Friday, October 10th, 2008

fatfoogoo is a proud sponsor of the vgSummit 2008 and both Martin Herdina and Stevana Case in attendance at the one day conference taking place October 10th in San Francisco.

Now in it’s second year, with over 300 participants last year, this event is expected to play host to over 400 industry experts sharing, discussing, and debating the future of market opportunities in virtual worlds, goods and economies.  The Summit is hosted by Charles Hudson, VP of Business Development for Serious Business.

Topics and panel discussions will include:

What Users Want — Branded and User-Generated Virtual Goods

One of the key decisions in any virtual goods offering is determining what users want. Looking for answers as to what your users want from your virtual goods offering? Curious about how to blend branded and user-generated virtual goods? Our panel of experts will share their experience on what it takes to get started and how to make a well-informed decision on this crucial topic.

Making Virtual Economies Work — Lessons from the Leaders

Managing a virtual economy is no easy task. Managing inflation, dealing with billing, and being vigilant on fraud are just a small fraction of the issues facing anyone managing a virtual economy. Our panelists will share their experiences and insights on this important subject.

Virtual Goods and Social Networks

Virtual goods are beginning to make a major footprint on leading social networks. Aside from offering an alternative to advertising, virtual goods offer application developers a solid opportunity to capitalize on the user engagement they generate. What will it take to fully take advantage of the virtual goods opportunity on social networks? Our panel of leading thinkers will share their views on this topic.

Generating Real Revenue from Virtual Goods

The goods are virtual, but the revenue is real. Interested in figuring out how to turn browsers into buyers and driving more engagement around virtual goods? We’ve assembled a strong group of panelists who can share their insights on how to tackle the challenge of converting virtual goods into real revenue.

Getting Paid – Build a Dominant Payments and Billing Strategy

Designing and merchandising virtual goods is only half of the equation. For a virtual goods model to work, determining what payment types to accept and how to combat fraud are critical issues. Our panel of experts will share their views on what it takes to succeed in this crucial part of the business.

fatfoogoo is proud to sponsor the Wi-Fi at this event.  We find ourselves in good company, with other sponsors including Mashable, socialmedia, and viximo to name a few.

Again, both Martin and Stevana will be at this conference.  If you missed speaking to them in person, feel free to get in touch via email:


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