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AMD amping up gaming arm

Tuesday, May 20th, 2008

AMD is rolling out a new branding scheme to highlight hardware that is optimized for gaming software. The new AMD Game! Brand is meant to bring ‘console-like’ simplicity to desktop/laptop users.

The New logo with be plastered on all PCs that include an Athlon X2 5600+ processor, 2GB of memory, a Radeon HD 3650, and an AMD 770 or Nvidia nForce 500 series chipset or higher.

The super swanky “AMD Game Ultra” logo is reserved for top shelf systems only. These Johnny Walker Blue Label systems need to have a minimum of a Phenom X4 9650, 2GB of memory, a Radeon HD 3870, and an AMD 770 chipset.

According to AMD’s site, “We’ve tested the games, hardware, and components to make sure you get an amazing playing experience, right out of the box. And best of all, you don’t have to know every detail about your PC to get started.”

In other words, AMD will be reviewing, selecting, and matching peripherals such as mice, keyboards and controllers for max compatibility (um, where do I apply for this gig?). Again, stressing the console like, plug and play right outta the box simplicity.

Whether you prefer to build your frag machine from the ground up, or simply leave the choices up to AMD, my guess is that we’ve going to be seeing a bit more of AMD in the gamers galley.