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Dutch Game Garden launches at the NLGD Festival June 19th in Utrecht

Monday, June 2nd, 2008

The Dutch Game Garden has announced that they’ll be launching at the NLGD Festival of Game on June 19th in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Coming hot off a nice pat on the back, the Dutch gaming industry is poised to be a major force to contend with in the Euro gaming market.  The Dutch Game Garden foundation is financed in part by the Dutch government, and is supported by a number of universities and schools.  These schools along with the government are extremely interested in promoting the growth of the gaming sector.  In 2007, the Dutch gaming industry revenue exceeded that of the Dutch film industry, and figures report the gaming sector to have a growth rate of 50% faster than any other Dutch economic sector.

The Dutch Game Garden will support, encourage, and do all it can to help fledgling developers and startups located in the Netherlands, along with companies that choose to relocate to the Netherlands.  They tackle this via a three pronged attack:

The Game Development Club which seeks to encourage students of game design, media, arts and programming courses at universities and school to work together in collaborative projects.

The Game Incubator is a pot o’ soup for talented young entrepreneurs.  The Incubator project helps young entrepreneurs navigate the often hectic ropes of not only setting up a company, but keeping it afloat, and ultimately, bringing their product to market.  By providing training in entrepreneurship and coaching, assisting with housing, providing tools and a network of technical, financial and legal experts, the Incubator seeks to help Mr./Ms. ‘Hey I got an awesome game, but where the heck do I start?’ to hit the ground running.

The Game Development Business Centers provide top-notch facilities for existing and growing game firms in the Utrecht region.  The ultimate goal of these facilities is to create a hotspot of gaming, with access to other important companies, A1 research institutes, universities and schools.

The Dutch Game Garden will offer an official presentation along with a panel discussion at the NLDG festival.

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