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If only Dinosaurs could fly…oh wait…they can!

Wednesday, May 21st, 2008

Flashbang studios are opening the doors to a public alpha test of their new dino themed play, Jetpack Brontosaurus. The makers of the already highly addictive Off Road Velociraptor Safari want the our eyes, ears, and fingers all over this alpha so that developers can study game play and style, and make modifications, improvements, and/or updated troubled areas of play. Flashbang provides a platform whereby at the end of play, you can leave any comments, criticisms, feedback, suggestions, or just about anything else you want to pass along to the developers (and while some of these developers are probably pretty good looking, please keep mobile numbers to yourself).

At this point, game play is relatively simple. You can go anywhere you want on the map, picking and choosing missions that you have to traverse the terrain to find (no guides here folks).

Unfortunately your bronto isn’t equipped with a heat seeking multi round laser guided rpg, but please feel free to suggest one. Maybe tail mounted with an independent control from the head mounted gatling guns?