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Digital Chocolate fuels the fire with an additional $12 Million

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

Social games producer Digital Chocolate is reporting that they’ve recently closed a series D round of funding, amounting to a healthy $12 million. Round leader Intel Capital joined previous investors Sutter Hill Ventures and Bridgescale Partners.

This new round of capital arrives as Digital Chocolate closes out a successful 2010, a year that saw their rise to one of the top five global games publishers on Facebook. Not only a success on Facebook, Digital Chocolate made 2010 the year it jumped to smartphone and tablet platforms, totaling more than 100 million mobile downloads – a healthy figure by any measurement. Moving forward, Digital Chocolate executives intend on using this new investment capital to further expand the firm’s scale and cross-platform capabilities, as well as global reach.

Digital Chocolate founder and CEO Trip Hawkins comments, “The investment from Intel Capital supports our vision of publishing leading social games across different devices and platforms. The strength of our team, combined with the strategic insight and support from Intel Capital and existing investors, will help extend our leadership in the evolving social gaming market.”

It would appear that Intel Capital is equally happy with the opportunity to be involved with Digital Chocolate as well. Managing Director Mike Buckley adds, “We’ve chosen to invest in Digital Chocolate because of its success across the fastest growing digital platforms and consumer electronics device categories. As a leading social game developer, Digital Chocolate continues to drive new features and functionality across multiple computing platforms.”

You’ll remember that it was Digital Chocolate’s cross platform strategy that put them on the fast track to becoming one of the top publishers across a variety of devices. Their early integration with Open Feint most probably helped to propel this cross platform success as well. This cross platform strategy also puts Digital Chocolate in a unique position, as their success on a variety of platforms gives them a bit of latitude when it comes to title success dependent upon the platform. A prime example of this dependency would be Zynga. Although the social games giant has, and still is, trying to diversify the platforms their players play on, the main outlet still seems to be Facebook, thus running the “all the eggs in one basket” risk. So while Digital Chocolate might not quite have the number count and expansion figures that Zynga has, in the long run, they just might have the wiser strategy driving them home.


Digital Chocolate- using cross platform strategy to rocket to the top

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

Digital Chocolate. If you’ve not yet discovered their offerings, chances are, you soon will. The cross platform producers have recently landed in the number 4 slot on Facebook in terms of daily active users according to AppData. This news arrives less than a month after Digital Chocolate’s previous announcement of achieving a strong 20 million monthly active user figure. By now counting over 4 million daily active users, Digital Chocolate has been able to take on, and surpass, some much larger names in the space, including Playdom (i.e. The Walt Disney Company), and PopCap Games.

According to Digital Chocolate, the secret is in the cross platform gaming sauce. “Our combined market positions on Facebook and mobile platforms make us a unique player in the industry,” said Marc Metis, President of Digital Chocolate. “We’ve broadened our success on Facebook across a well-developed portfolio and extended our social gaming brands onto new platforms like iPhone and Android.”

And broadened their success on Facebook they have. Digital Chocolate can lay claim to the second fastest growing game in the Facebook 2010 season; Millionaire City. Combined with their MMA Pro Fighter hit, Digital Chocolate sank some serious cash into the business, and was able to pump out Hollywood City, Island God, Vegas City, Epic Fighters, and Ninjas Rising on Facebook during the month of November. And it appears as though Digital Chocolate isn’t just a one trick pony, but has been able to attract 1.3 million daily active users outside the Millionaire City realm. According to Digital Chocolate, this figure accounts for more added users than any of it’s competitors, and with the 5 previous mentioned games, has more virtual goods games on the rise than any other Facebook gaming supplier.

Adding to Digital Chocolate’s success is their cross platform stance. As we’ve seen already, becoming, or being, too dependent on one outlet (read:Facebook) can be akin to the proverbial, “Putting all your eggs in one basket,” Digital Chocolate also focuses on the mobile. They’ve been in the space for quite a while, in particular the free-to-play arena, as Digital Chocolate was one of the very early adopters of OpenFeint technology. Since this time, they’ve gone on to expand their mobile offerings, as well as the platforms that run them. When speaking mobile gaming, naturally the iPhone must be included, but Digital Chocolate also has a number of pixel packed punch in the Android world. They’ve recently released Millionaire City, MMA Pro Fighter, and Hollywood City for both platforms, and have promised a number of additional titles soon. With over 100 million worldwide mobile device downloads, clearly Digital Chocolate is on to something here, and is certainly worth keeping an eye on over the coming year.


Social Games maker Digital Chocolate tops 20 million monthly active Facebook users

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

Building on their successful launch of 4 major releases in the month of November alone, with one more planned before month’s end, Digital Chocolate has proudly announced that they’ve now surpassed the 20 million monthly active users on Facebook (according to data pulled from AppData). This news arrives only two months after Digital Chocolate surpassed the 12 million users mark.

Adding to the 20+ million monthly active users, Digital Chocolate claims to be one of the top social games companies on Facebook, as well as having one of the largest mobile footprints in the world with titles spreading across the iPhone, and Android, attracting over 80 million downloads. Based on these figures, the way Digital Chocolate sees it, they’ve added more daily active users than any other games developer on Facebook.

Over the course of November, Digital Chocolate has launched Hollywood City, Island God, Vegas City, and Epic Fighter (someone’s been busy!). While not-quite-yet blockbusters, these new titles add to Digital Chocolate’s large user base, most of whom are focused on Millionaire City and MMA Pro Fighter. Digital Chocolate’s most popular title, Millionaire City, is available for the iPhone, with plans to hit Android very soon. Presumably, we’ll see the same technology employed in Millionaire City that Digital Chocolate is testing via it’s MMA Pro Fighter title. The cross platform tech allows players to battle just about anywhere: on Facebook directly, via their iPhone, or Android.

“Our growth across the world’s most exciting platforms separates us from the crowd,” said Marc Metis, President of Digital Chocolate. “We are unique in combining social gaming expertise, leadership on both Facebook and mobile, a global approach, technology leverage, and scale.”

With one more title waiting in the wings, and a promised Android release of Millionaire City, Digital Chocolate seems poised to be in the polished position with the highly lucrative holiday season just around the corner. Remember, for the past two consecutive years, Facebook has dominated the traffic charts during the holiday season. If Digital Chocolate is quickly pulling in the users (and numbers), the true test of their efforts will be this holiday season. Let’s see what they pull off!