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The Hunter bags over 1 million users

Wednesday, July 8th, 2009

In the world of free-to-play gaming, there’s generally only two genres to choose from: Fantasy MMORPG’s and the few FPS that are in existence. So what happens when you cross an MMO with a FPS, add a heavy dose of stealth, and set it in a real world scenario, aka hunting? The answer is nothing short of Metal Deer Solid, or, as it’s better known, Emote Games’ The Hunter.

thehunterApparently, there are a number of folks looking for ‘other’ genres in their free to play diet, as Emote Games announced yesterday that their genre bending hit has officially past the 1 million registered user benchmark, thereby making it the leading destination for fans of the virtual hunt. The title has achieved this number in a relatively short amount of time, officially launching back in April of this year.

“This is not surprising” says Morgan O’Rahilly, CEO, Emote Games, “The Hunter is miles ahead of its direct competition in terms of quality. And the whole idea behind The Hunter was to break down some established genres – to take something from hardcore gaming, something from free2play or mass market social gaming, add something brand new – and create a hybrid that challenges pre-conceived notions of ‘game’ and ‘genre’. Being this innovative brings its challenges for sure – we’re hard to pigeonhole – but what the heck, it keeps the experience fresh and interesting and that’s what we’re all about.”

And while there are a number of quick, I can knock this out before dinner type of missions, players can also get the war paint out, with over 60 percent of the expeditions within The Hunter can last over 30 minutes, given player preferences.

The game is also one of the most rapidly developing titles I’ve seen to date. During the beta and early official stages, weaponry was pretty basic. It got the job done, and had realistic enough actions and effects, but nothing really worth writing home about. Taking cues from, and listening to their user base, Emote Games is stepping things up, and will shortly be introducing a compound bow option, that according to the Emote folks will be “the best iteration of a bow in ANY video game.”

“There aren’t too many games that allow you to sneak around with a bow, and even if you’ve played one you won’t have experienced anything like this before,” says Emote COO Dave Rose. “Snaking through the trees, trying not to breathe too hard, senses wide open for the slightest sight or sound of prey… I hope a million more people come and try it out. Even I’m surprised how good it is.”

As with any modern online title, The Hunter includes a number of socializing options, including a partner finder that comes in might handy when hunting down particularly large game.

If you’re looking to give something a bit outside your regular realm of games a try, I can personally recommend giving The Hunter a go. But don’t just take my word for it, over 1 Million other hunters agree.