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Double Fusion to deliver in-game ads on 2K Sports’ NHL and NBA 2K10 titles

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

Double Fusion and 2K Sports have recently announced a deal that will see in-game ads placed in both NBA and NHL 2K10 titles. This deal now sees Double Fusion as the exclusive in-game ad provider for the games on Sony’s PlayStation3.

Double-Fusion-logo2_qjpreviewthRepresentatives from Double Fusion say that they’ve been working closely alongside 2K Sports developers to integrate the ads in the least obtrusive manner. Double Fusion says that they’re committed to delivering in-game advertising while still maintaining the contextual relevance and realism of ad placements at real world sporting venues.

Double Fusion reps point to its “dynamic advertising engine” as the secret to success.  Through this delivery, Double Fusion owns the various placements throughout a virtual setting, and its clients can the serve advertising into it’s partnered games. With backend reporting tools provided by Double Fusion, advertising clients may then track, modify, and measure the effectiveness of their in-game advertising campaigns.

Double Fusion CEO Jonathan Epstein comments, “Extending our dynamic advertising relationship with 2K Sports is a testament to the growing importance of in-game advertising and the value Double Fusion delivers for its publishing partners.”

“The franchises included in this agreement provide a tremendous opportunity for brands to reach an enthusiastic audience of sports fans,” he continues, “much like they would try to do during actual sporting events, with the added bonus of being able to implement targeted campaigns quickly and effectively.”

And while it might simply be a coincidence, this announcement of the 2KSports and Double Fusion deal arrives only days after former EA executive Mitch Lasky lambasted his former employer on where they’re headed, and how they plan on getting there. 2KSports is EA Sports most direct competitor.


Google makes good with AdScape promise

Friday, October 10th, 2008

The day has finally arrived: Google is now going gaming.  A recent post at the AdSense blog made the official announcement of the new “AdSense for Games”, the new Google advertising platform in development for over a year that takes aim at monetizing the vast amount of currently under-utilized browser based Flash game market.  However, Christian Oestlien, senior product manager for the AdSense for Games beta project said that Google has not ruled out testing with some larger titles.  For the larger testing ground, the big G has already signed deals to work with PlayFish, Mochi Media, Demand Media and Konami.

Advertisements will collect revenues through the number of cost-per-impression and cost-per-clicks divided between Google and the developer.

According to ComScore, Flash games garner an estimated 25% (or roughly 200+M worldwide) of all internet users attention.  This group plays at least one game per week, and has show a 17% growth rate year after year.  Last year, the Yankee Group reported that the overall video game advertising market reached a staggering $77.7M mass, and projects almost $1B by the end of 2011.

Google’s been making waves in the in-game advertising market ever since acquiring AdScape over a year ago.  But they’re not alone in the quest to successfully monetize games via in-game advertising.  Microsoft has also been quite active, purchasing Massive in early 2006, perhaps setting the stage for Google to get in the game.  Literally.  Google snatched up AdScape Media for a cool $23M shortly after Microsoft’s Massive buy.

Based on the video below, it looks like developers will have full flexibility as to exactly where, when, and how their ads are displayed in-game.  In other words, integrating Google’s AdSense for games looks as simple as inserting a line of code into flash content to deliver targeted ads.  Some of the advertisers already included in the program include eSurance, Sprint, and Sony Pictures Entertainment.

YouTube Preview Image

Google is NOT however making this a wild west, free for all.  Developers have some strict requirements to me including a minimum 500,000 plays per day, an 80% US or UK based traffic composition, and can SDK integrate, amongst others.

Double Fusion, a prominent in-game advertising network, CEO Jonathan Epstein spoke with Daniel Terdiman of CNET explaining,

It confirms for all parties [...] that this space is of interest to one of the largest media companies in the world. Google does not enter into markets that don’t have billion dollar-plus potential for them [...] The battleground here is not between ourselves and Massive and Google [...] it’s getting games their rightful share of the ad dollars, as opposed to TV, print, and [traditional] online ads.”