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SPIL GAMES – world’s top casual games destination

Wednesday, March 11th, 2009

Casual, free-to-play games portal SPIL GAMES saw a 75% increase in traffic and revenue year-over-year in 2008

SPIL GAMESSPIL GAMES provides over 4,000 online casual games through over 50 localized game portals in almost 20 languages.  Through a series of smart segmentations, SPIL GAMES is able to target Families –, Tweens –, and Girls –
According to recent comScore data, SPIL GAMES’ worldwide traffic grew 75% in 2008, resulting in the company jumping from the number 5 spot in early 2008 to the number 1 spot by years end.  SPIL GAMES itself is reporting a 269% increase in traffic from the United States as well as a global revenue growth of 125% over 2008.

And it’s not just the US market that has taken notice.  The casual gaming giant saw increases in traffic from many other territories across its network.  After the US, the United Kingdom saw an increase of 113% year-over-year, 52% in France, and 19% in Germany.  These traffic increases are not just a coincidence, as SPIL GAMES’ greatest concentrations of advertising revenue streams occur in the United States, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, and France.  The team works closely with advertising partners from around the globe to develop ad solutions and provide in-game advertising seeding that reaches targeted audience segments.  Ultimately, this makes SPIL GAMES not just an attractive destination for gamers, but for advertisers seeking the captivated attention of a highly valuable market.

“We are particularly proud of reaching the number one ranking in casual game portal networks worldwide. SPIL GAMES is a stand-alone, fully-dedicated and independent portal network, while competitors like Yahoo! Games and MSN Games are general portals with a channel for casual games. And, over the last year, we’ve been dedicated to growing our audience through a strategy focused on providing quality, fun-to-play, localized, and segmented portals,” said Peter Driessen, CEO of SPIL GAMES.

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Red Rocket Games announces first title: Mevo and the Grooveriders

Thursday, February 12th, 2009

We spotlighted Red Rocket Games back in December, and have quietly following the development of this Bellevue, WA/Shanghai, China studio.  Jung Suh, Gamefly co-founder and Scott Yu, former EA technical art director seem to have been cooking up some good stuff, and announced their first title today: Mevo and the Grooveriders.

Mevo and the Grooveriders sets out to be the first downloadable music/rhythm platform game for the casual PC market.  The goal of this casual game is for Mevo, the main protagonist to get his band, the Grooveriders back together and put the ‘fun’ back in the ‘funk’.  Moving Mevo around his world requires players to tap 2 keys (enter and space bar) simultaneously with the game’s music (think guitar hero) to re-energize Mevo and move him forward.  Players must work their way through five unique worlds (Ocean Jungle, Desert, Space, and Wormhole); all the while finding avatars along their path that will help Mevo unlock other levels.   As Mevo moves along in his quest, beat sequences become more and more complex, moving from basic single beat patterns to rapid beats, combos, sequences, and long-hold sustained passages.  By successfully completing challenges, players can then access new areas and songs, or be rewarded with in-game items including avatar parts that are needed to activate power-ups.

All of Mevo and the Grooverider’s tracks are original, produced in house with live musicians, and provide unique and groovalicious retro-funk that varies from organic jams right on through to electro-funk.

“Parents and kids, hardcore or casual – all players will be drawn to MEVO & THE GROOVERIDER’s great music, fun gameplay mechanic, beautiful art and very accessible yet challenging gameplay,” said Jung Suh, CEO of Red Rocket Games. “The game can also be customized to the player’s abilities and styles and, unlike other casual games, Red Rocket will be making updates to the game directly through patches to keep the action fresh and the gameplay fun and replayable.”

The game can also be customized to suit player’s own preferences and unique playing styles.  Regardless of level, players will be rewarded with avatars, dance packs and badges to help them make their way through the game or wear with pride on the game’s online portal and community.

Red Rocket plans on making updates to the game directly through patches in order to keep the action fresh, and players coming back for more.

Other key Mevo features include:

  • Personalization – Players can personalize their MEVO with 17 body sets, 23 headsets and 6 dance sets, including customized avatars and costumes, such as Ninjas, British Dandy, Reindeers, Pumpkins, and more. Some avatar pieces/sets even have additional power-ups associated with them, such as score multipliers or invincibility.
  • Community – offers players a place to create and showcase profiles of MEVO characters and customized avatars. Badges can also be proudly displayed within the community, and the site will feature leader boards and high scores. When users share their own levels, the community will also be able to vote on their favorites.
  • Great replayability – Players can replay the game with many variables, including trying to acquire different badges, achieving perfect play through, experiencing all of the alternate endings, or finding all the power-ups, avatars and dance packs throughout the levels. The game will also be updated directly through patches, unlike other casual games.

Mevo and the Grooveriders from Red Rocket Games is scheduled for a March 2009 release.

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zOMG! Now open to the public

Monday, November 10th, 2008

If just writing zOMG! wasn’t fun enough, this new free-to-play offering from Gaia Online will certainly bring a smile to your face.  Unleashed upon the public last Thursday, this is Gaia’s first casual MMO game.  Having completed a successful closed beta test, the open beta zOMG! is an adventure game that pits players against monsters in 16 different zones with a wide variety of battle rings and recipes to choose from.  Gaia Online seeks to successfully meld the attractiveness of the online social community experience with a fun and enjoyable MMO gameplay experience.

“Our top priority is providing a high-quality MMO gaming experience that’s fun and challenging, and also user-friendly for all levels of players,” said David Georgeson, Senior Producer of zOMG! at Gaia Online. “We received a lot of great feedback from gamers during our Closed Beta, so we’re throwing open the doors as we update the game with new features and additional content.”

Listening to the community, and it’s needs and wants, has never been something that Gaia has shied away from, and by opening the beta doors, they’re expecting an even larger pool of feedback and suggestions to learn from.  Gaia is actively soliciting feedback from players via the site’s message boards and forums.

Lucy Newman over at reports on Kate Pietrelli’s announcement surrounding zOMG!

“In development since 2006, zOMG! is a fun and engaging casual game that blends social online community experiences with accessible MMO gameplay. Gaia community members currently hang out in the virtual world with their friends, watch movies online together in the theater, share artwork in the online art gallery, and chat through the Gaia Instant Messaging (GIM) system. The community asked for new ways in which they could interact and play with their friends in Gaia, and so the MMO game was designed to be an extension of the Gaia virtual world with all the fun social elements of chatting and hanging out with friends, in addition to playing a challenging multiplayer game with quests, monsters, battles and more. Gaia Online will monetize the game through the sale of virtual goods (battle armor, rings, etc.), which tie into their current microtransactions based business model.”

While I’ve yet to personally give the game a look-over, I have visited and spent some time with Gaia, and I can’t imagine they’d deliver anything less than outstanding.  Grinding rep this weekend was about as thrilling as watching the grass grow, so perhaps a break from the uphill battle is just what the doctor ordered….and with a name like zOMG!  you just KNOW there’s got to be some fun somewhere therein.