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Multiplayer Social Games company Iminlikewithyou names Dan Porter CEO

Thursday, February 5th, 2009

New York based multiplayer social games company has named Dan Porter as its new chief executive officer reports VentureBeat.  First up on Porter’s agenda?  Getting the company on track with monetizing it’s social games and continued expansion.

Porter comes to Iminlikewithyou from his previous position as Senior Vice President at Virgin, where he was in charge of venture investing and corporate development for Virgin North America.  The move to Iminlikewithyou is certainly a shifting of gears for Porter, as he now heads up a company with less than 10 employees.  Conversely, Iminlikewithyou is well funded, having received $1.5M to date from Spark Capital, Baseline Ventures, and Betaworks, as well as getting off the ground with individual angel funding from Ron Conway, Marc Andreessen, and Kevin Rose of digg fame.

Iminlikewithyou has humble beginnings, resembling something more akin to a dating site, has refocused their efforts over the years, and now brands itself as a social games portal.  Porter reports that the site has proven compelling to regular users as the iminlikewithyou sees between 500k and 1M visitor per month.  Combined, these users have spent over 50 million minutes on the site in January alone.  Porters hopes for the site include monetizing via virtual goods microtransactions and subscriptions.

Some of the most popular titles on the site include Balloono and Blockles.  Iminlikewith you currently caters mainly to the 15 – 25 age group, and is evenly split between males and females.

And while iminlikewithyou does face a number of steep competitors including playfish, and Big Fish Games, there is a high potential there, as iminlikewithyou holds one key component that the others do not: a thriving social network operating outside the realm of it’s games.

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