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Gamevil posts record profits

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

Korean mobile games publisher Gamevil released financial numbers from 2009 yesterday, to a bit of well deserved fanfare. When compared to one year prior, Gamevil increased sales amounts by an impressive 59 percent, totaling 24.4 billion Won, or $21 million. According to company representatives, this is the first time that a Korean mobile gaming company has surpassed the 10 billion Won mark, with Gamevil’s total Net income holding firm at 11.8 billion Won ($10.2 million). Gamevil pulled down a 56 percent operating profit, and a healthy 48 percent net profit, both company records.

main_logoThe majority of sales were driven by their popular titles Baseball Superstars, RPG title Zenonia, and action RPG Hybrid: Eternal Whisper. These titles are available on both standard and iPhone mobile devices. Gamevil points to not only the success of these titles, but more importantly, their microtransaction sales within these games as primary revenue drivers. However, while Gamevil has employed the microtransaction monetization module in their standard mobile phone apps, they’ve yet to make the same jump with their iPhone games. Let’s say that again – Gamevil has pulled down record profits, and is NOT garnering significant profits from iPhone based microtransactions.

“The Korean mobile gaming market is one of the most advanced in the world, driven by original titles and new business models such as micro-transactions and network games,” said Byung Joon Song, Gamevil CEO.

“We’ll do our best to continuously grow now as a global mobile gaming company by developing games optimised for the mobile platform, adopting to new platforms, and leveraging our experience and knowledge that we’ve accumulated throughout the past decade.”

“We’re especially proud of the high profit level we were able to achieve,” added chief financial officer Yong Kuk Lee.


Korean mobile games publisher Gamevil reports soaring profits thanks to microtransactions

Friday, August 21st, 2009

While microtransactions may still be relatively new in the US, they’ve become the defacto method of the gaming industry in the Asian market. Even less familiar to the Western market is microtransactions deriving from mobile games. And if Korean mobile publisher Gamevil’s astounding 51 percent profit margins in the mobile gaming sector are any indication, we could soon seen the same revenues posted stateside. is reporting that Gamevil’s Q2 revenues have risen 67 percent year-over-year to a healthy $4.3 m. The company’s operating income is up 188 percent to $2.6 million, and net profit rising an astounding 214 percent to $2.1 m. Obviously, there’s quite a few Korean gamers that are quite familiar with the microtransaction mechanism, and are now having no problem adopting the mindset to their mobile playtime.

Looking at the quarterly numbers, Gamevil sales were up 30 percent, net profits up 55 percent, and operating income rose 74 percent. Gamevil execs point to microtransactions as being the clear bread winner. Their microtransactions focus on in-game virtual items sales, with outstanding performance coming from sports title Baseball Superstars and RPG HYBRID: Eternal Whisper.

But wait, if we’re talking mobile gaming, where’s the iPhone stats? Granted, Gamevil has released several games on the App Store, however, they’ve not yet harnessed the microtransaction reigns, as Apple does not allow for microtransactions via free apps.

“We’ll continue to grow in the later half this year with sequels of our current portfolio and new franchises released in the domestic Korean market,” said Gamevil CFO Yong Kuk Lee. “Also we’re planning to bring more new titles to the global open markets as our future growth strategy.”

These games will include iPhone versions of HYBRID: Eternal Whisper and a sequel to its popular Zenonia RPG.


Super Boom Boom 2 to feature microtransactions

Sunday, October 12th, 2008

The LA based publisher GAMEVIL has recently announced plans to launch Super Boom Boom 2: Space Adventure with a microtransaction business model.

Not newcomers to the mobile gaming market, GAMEVIL’s ‘Baseball Superstars 2008’ is one of the top mobile titles in the Korean market.  ‘Baseball Superstars 2008’ has clocked in 1.3 million downloads within the first 10 months of its release.

The game download is expected to cost $3 USD.  The average G-Points purchase is estimated at $1.50 USD, a 50% addition revenue stream, adding an extra 2M USD to the 4M USD generated from the downloads alone.  Overall, GAMEVIL reports that microtransactions have boosted individual games’ revenues by 30-40 percent, while one title in particular has seen increase of over 300 percent.

Super Boom Boom 2 itself may not be breaking any new ground by way of it’s five levels, unlockable extras and online high score tables, it’s microtransaction system is noteworthy.  Players will be able to purchase ‘G-Points’ at GAMEVIL and use this in-game currency to purchase new levels, items and mini-games.

With a market penetration reaching over 90 handsets, Super Boom Boom 2 will be the first American game with a microtransaction platform in place that will reach over 90 percent of all available handsets including the gaming elusive Blackberry and Windows Mobile platform.

Super Boom Boom 2 is expected to reach said mobile devices later this month.

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