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Drop a Fire Nova Totem – nuke a Spambot

Saturday, May 24th, 2008

“Hello welcome to our website:, our prices are the absolute cheapest” -┬áBlah blah blah, shut up, stop spamming me, and get the (&%# out of the way of the mailbox.

Yeah, we all know them, we all (or at least 99.44%) of us hate them. The gold spammer. That annoying player that create character names with one fell swoop of the keyboard ‘fghjkbvcqwert’ – lvl 1 spammer that has nothing to do than set a canned message, and piss the rest of us off.
Well it seems like some pissed off Warcraft players have found a way to deal with wqyuire; by means of a napalm death to via Fire Nova Totem. Of course this method is not acceptable to Blizz (aka ‘The Man’), and removed the thread from it’s forums, but yay for Google. Thanks to their caching feature, it can be viewed here.

Basically, it breaks down like so: A shammy can drop a Fire Nova totem near a level 1 bot, and log off just before the totem detonates. By logging off, this makes the totem unaligned, and can therefore damage either faction.

Even a level 70 totem doesn’t do that much damage to the average player, but it WILL however scorch a level one gold spammer that’s just standing around the bank and/or auction house. And since this is a bot just programmed to stand there and make announcements, no one is monitoring it, therefore, no one there to resurrect it.

If you need more gold in game, go farming, or talk to one of our friendly players just like you that have items or gold to sell. Let’s leave the spam on the frypan, and players in game.


Pimp my Reverse Auction!

Monday, April 21st, 2008

Although it’s not even May yet, fatfoogoo’s got some new stuff happening. Launched today, we’re introducing our brand spankin’ new ‘Reverse Auction’ feature, along with a bunch of smaller usability updates.

The most important innovation: Reverse Auctioning. Reverse Auctioning is perfectly suited to find specific items and services (need the rest of this). As everyone knows, the price is not always everything. The more expensive seller may have a better rating and a better reputation with buyers. The decision of lower price vs. dependability is left up to the buyer to decide.

Also fresh from the Fatfoogoo program labs are the Reverse Auction notifications. These notifications keep you up to date on your auctions, let you know who’s been underbid, and if you want, the system will even send you an email so that you can update your bids. The potential buyer is also updated via email, if he should so choose, as soon as a new bid arrives. As soon as the order arrives, if the price and service work for him, the buyer can decide to immediately end the Reverse Auction prematurely. On the other hand, if the auction time has expired, the buyer must then decide on one of the suppliers. Only if a suitable choice has not presented itself, the most favorable supplier (i.e. the one with the lowest price) automatically wins the Reverse Auction. We’ve also added a new feature to the auction radar: an automatic searching filter for Reverse Auctions that you can customize in your profile settings.

The Reverse Auction feature is the most important innovation at the Foogoo right now, but what about those other new features I mentioned? Well, you’ll notice that the registration area has some shiny new graphics, users mini profiles can now be seen in a floatover feature while in a list view, and starting today, we’re now supporting auctions for Papermint gameplay.

Our support team is always around to answer any questions you might have about the Player 2 Player marketplace. Our doors are always open for your feedback and suggestions!