DeNA weighs in with $393M Q4 sales numbers, $1.38B annual

Japanese social and mobile games company DeNA has recently reported their fourth quarter and fiscal year results, totaling $393 Million and $1.38 Billion, respectively.  This fiscal quarter figure represents a 67.5 percent increase over the previous years’ Q4 numbers.  Additionally, this increase now sees DeNA reporting it’s sixth consecutive quarter of increased revenues, resulting in an achievement of the firm’s goals, raking in a massive $1.38 Billion in sales for the fiscal year.

“DeNA has met, if not exceeded, every goal we set for the company,” Tomoko Namba, CEO, DeNA, said in a statement. “We are very pleased and proud of our exceptional year in sales. Our diverse catalog, market expanding strategies and dedication to leadership in technology has fueled our global growth. We are looking forward to making our social mobile platform for games, Mobage, truly global in the coming year.”

DeNA’s success is attributed largely to their expansion of a number of their Mobage Open Platform titles.  This expansion arrived for both in-house and third-party titles, bringing the numbers up to 1000+ available titles within the network.  Likewise, DeNA decided to eliminate the brand-schism, and homogenized it’s Mobage brand, replacing the Mobage-Town moniker in Japan with a unified Mobage.  This consolidation arrives just months before DeNA plans a release of the Mogabe product lineup to Western markets.

While DeNA may have suffered a blow via the acquisition of OpenFeint by competitor GREE, their plans to head West haven’t been dashed.  The company has charted what they believe will put them on the top in this new market via a multi-pronged attack.  OpenFeint may have gone to GREE, but don’t forget that DeNA also has their own feet on the ground with the acquisition of ngmoco, as well as mobile app studio Gameview.  And now that they’ve got the IP in place, the company has also struck major deals with carriers, least of which being Japan’s NTT Docomo, as well as providing for a device to play on, with a Samsung deal leading the way.

Looking forward, DeNA is projecting a massive growth rate, and the spoils of war that come with it.  The firm is indicating that 2014 will see a $2.4 Billion operating income, primarily based on the expansion of Mobage, as well as their Open Platform/X-Border/X-Device offerings in Japan, China, North America, and Europe.

And while DeNA may be celebrating a healthy lining of the coffers, the Japan based company did take pause, and noted that in response to the devastating earthquake(s) and Tsunami, they’ve made major donations to humanitarian relief efforts, as well as opening their doors to employ persons from affected areas.

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