Mobile gaming heats up with Exent’s GameTanium service for Android

As the gaming industry begins to include more and more mobile devices in the mix, gamers are clamoring for PC and/or console conveniences. One such convenience is gaming on demand, which, until now, most mobile devices have fallen short on. Exent is stepping in to meet this demand with their GameTanium for Android service. GameTanium is the first and only games on demand service offered for Android gamers, giving them unlimited, 24/7 access to over 100 Android games – all at one flat monthly date.

“Gamers can finally feed their APPetites with unlimited play of the world’s best games at their fingertips, no matter where they are,” stated Christina Kuzma, CMO of Exent. “We are excited to introduce the GameTanium service on Android. As we expand multi-platform support, users will be able to enjoy 24/7 gameplay on virtually any device of their choosing.”

The GameTanium for Android provides unlimited access to top shelf Android games, with new titles added on a weekly basis. Exent is promoting their expertise in merchandising and monetizing as a vehicle to help users find the games they want to play. Featured content, ratings, recommendations, and a massive collection of video trailers are amongst the tools employed to deliver gamers’ choices. How this ties into merchandising and monetization…remains to be seen.

Another way to think of GameTanium is via the subscription model. The “Flat monthly fee,” can be re-branded as subscription, thus allowing gamers this unlimited access to top titles. When the service launches this coming February, Exent will offer gamers a seven day free trial, and will employ PayPal for billing. Plans are under way to roll the service out to several other platforms and devices, including tablets (read:iPad) in early 2011. If Android arrives in February, and Exent is promising an “early 2011” delivery for other devices…are they just around the corner?

One of the most promising services offered by Exent’s GameTanium is the seamless, cross device gaming experience. Meaning, if you’re playing a title on your Android device during the commute, once you arrive at home, you can simply swap to your tablet device without losing a moment of gameplay.

Interested parties can have a view of Exent’s mobile gaming technologies at the upcoming Mobile World Congress this coming February 14-17 in Barcelona, Spain, or visiting their Play Anywhere demo.

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