Diner Dash: now served up hot and fresh on Facebook

One of “the” all-time gaming classics, Diner Dash, has finally made its way to Facebook’s social/casual gaming platform via PlayFirst. As of late yesterday, Diner Dash is up and running, albeit an early beta version, on the world’s most popular social network.

Not much can be said about Diner Dash that hasn’t already been said, but if you’re new to the scene, or perhaps a bit young to remember Diner Dash, at it’s heart, it’s a time management game, with the ultimate goal of keeping patrons happy. Over it’s history, Diner Dash has been downloaded over half a billion times, thus making it the seventh most popular game of all time.

“Diner Dash is the first Facebook game to embed robust time management gameplay in a truly social environment,” said Eric Hartness, Vice President and General Manger of Social Games at PlayFirst in a press statment. “We’ve taken the addictive gameplay that has made Diner Dash so popular on PC, Macs and iOS mobile devices and accented it with a rich ensemble cast and narrative elements that bring new depth to the Dash experience. Diner Dash propels restaurant games on Facebook to an entire new level!”

The storyline revolves around head waitress Flo’s fight to not only keep her Diner patrons’ bellies full, but also putting a stop to Mr. Big’s treatment of the local park. His incessant dumping of broken down bulldozers, construction cones, flat tires, oil spills, etc. are keeping paying customers away from visiting Flo’s (and Darla’s) diner(s). Flo puts the screws to Mr. Big by using her tip money to restore the park to it’s former glory, with the hopes of bringing more and more customers into the diner, so that Flo can make more tips, to beautify the park, so more customers come…an so on.

“We’ve brought together all the compelling Diner Dash elements that have made it the number one time management franchise and married that to the social experience of Facebook,” said Mari Baker, CEO of PlayFirst. “Diner Dash on Facebook points the way forward to a new class of time management game while retaining the authentic Dash gameplay that made the series so popular.”

One of the strongest elements of Diner Dash is it’s time management based gameplay. As a stand alone game, this secret sauce was clearly a hit with gamers, and now given the typical Facebook gameplay time format, i.e. usually quick in, play, and quick out, if done right, PlayFirst could have a major hit on their hands. While most of Facebook’s top games are usually new skins of some classic gaming formulas, PlayFirst is skipping one step, and offering gamers the same old classic format they’ve most probably grown up playing.

Available now on Facebook, PlayFirst promises activities and surprises in store for Flo over the next few weeks and months. They’re not revealing the entire game roadmap, but first on tap include restaurant star ratings, restaurant upgrades (presumably available for purchase through a microtransaction mechanism), decorations, and what PlayFirst is calling “others.”

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