Social Games maker Digital Chocolate tops 20 million monthly active Facebook users

Building on their successful launch of 4 major releases in the month of November alone, with one more planned before month’s end, Digital Chocolate has proudly announced that they’ve now surpassed the 20 million monthly active users on Facebook (according to data pulled from AppData). This news arrives only two months after Digital Chocolate surpassed the 12 million users mark.

Adding to the 20+ million monthly active users, Digital Chocolate claims to be one of the top social games companies on Facebook, as well as having one of the largest mobile footprints in the world with titles spreading across the iPhone, and Android, attracting over 80 million downloads. Based on these figures, the way Digital Chocolate sees it, they’ve added more daily active users than any other games developer on Facebook.

Over the course of November, Digital Chocolate has launched Hollywood City, Island God, Vegas City, and Epic Fighter (someone’s been busy!). While not-quite-yet blockbusters, these new titles add to Digital Chocolate’s large user base, most of whom are focused on Millionaire City and MMA Pro Fighter. Digital Chocolate’s most popular title, Millionaire City, is available for the iPhone, with plans to hit Android very soon. Presumably, we’ll see the same technology employed in Millionaire City that Digital Chocolate is testing via it’s MMA Pro Fighter title. The cross platform tech allows players to battle just about anywhere: on Facebook directly, via their iPhone, or Android.

“Our growth across the world’s most exciting platforms separates us from the crowd,” said Marc Metis, President of Digital Chocolate. “We are unique in combining social gaming expertise, leadership on both Facebook and mobile, a global approach, technology leverage, and scale.”

With one more title waiting in the wings, and a promised Android release of Millionaire City, Digital Chocolate seems poised to be in the polished position with the highly lucrative holiday season just around the corner. Remember, for the past two consecutive years, Facebook has dominated the traffic charts during the holiday season. If Digital Chocolate is quickly pulling in the users (and numbers), the true test of their efforts will be this holiday season. Let’s see what they pull off!

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