KingsIsle gives Wizard101 mini games a home of their own

Makers of the popular Wizard101 MMO, KingsIsle Entertainment recently launched that allows visitors to play the same entertaining mingames found within Wizard101.

Just like the main title itself,, as the name implies, features a host of free-to-play online games. KingsIsle bills the new offering as a destination for Wizard101 fans to play their favorite minigames with only a browser and internet connection, but there’s also a bit of two way traffic on KIFreeGames, as players can also be rewarded with free game codes that they can use for items and gold in the Wizard101 universe. In other words, Wizard101 players can certainly enjoy the minigames that they’re used to outside the game, but casual or minigames players now have the opportunity to play these games as well, and if they’re to their liking, can venture further to see what the full version of Wizard101 is all about.

“We’re always looking to bring fun new offerings to our community,” said Fred Howard, vice president of Marketing at KingsIsle Entertainment. “ is another great way for players to stay connected to the worlds of the Spiral.”

At launch will feature three of Wizard101’s most popular minigames:

  • Dueling Diego – Put your dueling skills to the test against the evil gobbler pirates and other tough enemies in Dueling Diego!
  • Doodle Dug – Tunnel your way through the dirt and avoid trouble to collect gemstones in Doodle Dug!
  • Sorcery Stones – Exercise your brain and perfect your reaction times to complete the crazy puzzles in Sorcery Stones!

KingsIsle says that more and more minigames will be added over time.

KingsIsle Entertainment launched Wizard101 in the fall of 2008, and were one of the very first in the industry to offer the now popular hybrid monetization model. As with DDO and LotRO, Wizard101 offers players a completely free-to-play experience, but with options to either purchase items as they go via microtransactions, or to purchase a monthly subscription fee, allowing them unlimited access to the game.

Over the course of 2009, Wizard101 really hit it’s stride, garnering over 5 million registered users, and topped over 10 million registered users this past June. To commemorate this milestone, KingsIsle released it’s largest expansion to date: Celestia.

Combining the new driver for current players (Celestia), as well as opening a fresh channel for both current players to enjoy, but at the same time sparking interest in the paid title via free-to-play games feature within said title, KingsIsle looks to be on target for another great year with Wizard101.

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