MySpace acquiesces, Facebook Connect to be integrated

Remember MySpace? Yes, they’re still alive and kicking, albeit in a greatly modified form from their one dominant place in the social networking market. But according to, it looks like MySpace may have finally read the writing on the wall, and are now adopting Facebook’s ‘Connect’ technology.  The implementation could come to fruition as soon as early 2010.

facebook-logoThis information is still ‘rumored’, but sources on both sides of the fence have given the proverbial nod and smile when asked about it. Traditionally, the two friend destination sites have been bitter rivals, competing tooth and nail for number of registered users, activity on the site, etc.. However, 2009 has seen a rapid cooling off between the two, and Facebook has clearly won out, and is now kind of the social networking hill. Assorted news and rumors started appearing back in October with the U.K. Telegraph news outlet breaking a story indicating that MySpace and Facebook were in talks.

“The move could potentially see MySpace music and video footage being shared on Facebook via its Connect platform, which allows people to log into third-party sites using their Facebook ID,” the article by Emma Barnett explains.

Instead of continuing the social networking cold war standoff, it looks like MySpace has already put in action a dramatic shift that sees the company moving away from the social networking arena, and focusing more on what they call ‘social entertainment’. For some time now, MySpace has been focusing more and more on it’s industry leading music service. In fact, just last week, MySpace took their music service global, and launched MySpace Music to the United Kingdom market.

The details of the deal, and just how far Facebook will reach into MySpace’s space has yet to be revealed. However, this news arrives hot on the heals of Yahoo!’s announcement of a massive Facebook Connect implementation, effectively now making the previous largest social site on the web, into nothing more than a content publisher. A very large content publisher, but still…

The Facebook Connect/MySpace/Yahoo! deal also has significant implications for Mountain View, CA giant, Google. While Google has (virtually) no presense in the social networking end of the pool, the do have quite a bit invested in their one-login-to-rule-them-all product, Google Friend Connect. Coincidentally, the same day that the MySpace Music UK product was announced, Google made waves be announcing that they’ve cut a deal with twitter that allows users to login with their twitter account details.

With Yahoo! and MySpace out of the game, it looks like 2010 could be quite an interesting year, as Facebook and Google turn the heat up on their battle to achieve Web identity dominance.

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  1. Penny says:

    myspace should just quit trying to compete with facebook and develop their niche. All they will be doing would be wasting capital by investing in the wrong industries.

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