Ngmoco’s free-to-play/microtransactions supported iPhone game Eliminate now available

Ever since Apple gave the green light to microtransaction purchases via free games, developers have been scrambling to cash in on the monetization model. Not surprisingly, Ngmoco, who had already been developing a new FPS title quickly announced that they’d take the plunge, and decided to put Eliminate first on the scene with a free-to-play, free to download, microtransaction supported game.

That day has arrived, as Eliminate is now available on the App Store. As shown in the video below, the 3D game play is quite developed, especially for an iPhone game, and a free one at that. Collaborative play can be done on both wi-fi and 3G networks, and players earn credits as they level up. These credits are the gateway to better weapons and gear. Credits are purchased through in-game ‘energy’ that’s gained through play. However, and here’s the sell, players may only gain a certain amount of energy per day. If they want to continue play, they have the option to purchase additional energy. Players may wait another day to continue their fragging, as the clock resets every 24 hours, but Ngmoco is banking (literally) on players being so engaged in game play that they’ll want to purchase additional enegery.

Part of this driving strategy is utilization of Ngmoco’s own Plus+ social interface which tracks leaderboards and accounts. In other words, top players will undoubtedly be those that play the most. And in order to play the most – they’ll no doubt be purchasing energy via the newly approved Apple store microtransactions for free titles. Additionally, utilizing the OS3.0 technology, Eliminate players can ‘push’ challenges to friends and set up battles at the touch of a button. And really…who wants to be the guy that can’t join the game because he’s used up his ‘energy’ for the day. Yet another opportunity for a microtransaction purchase.

“We are very excited to offer the Eliminate experience as a free download for all iPhone and iPod touch gamers,” said Neil Young, CEO & founder of ngmoco. “The intense multiplayer action is complemented extremely well by a unique leveling and upgrading system plus our online matchmaking service ensures players of similar skill will be matched on our global servers.”

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