LittleBigPlanet kicks off with microtransactions beginning this week

After a bit of a rocky start, LittleBigPlanet seems to be up and running, including the microtransaction engine powering in-game purchases.  New downloadable content will be rolled out starting on Thursday, November 6th.  This DLC will consist of new costumes for your sackboy set at various price points, along with new creation aspects for you pop-it tool.

Starting on Thursday, LittleBigPlanet players can head on over to the PlayStation store and pick up some shiny new duds aka the “Launch Spacesuit” and/or a “Halloween Mask”.  As a special limited offer, the PlayStation store is offering both costumes at the unbeatable low low cost of…..nothing.  Yes that’s right sackboys and girls, step right up and grab yo’ self some free clothes.

A great introductory tool, Sony plans on scaling out additional microtransaction goods every Thursday (presumably for weekend enjoyment).  Prices will vary depending upon what you’re looking to equip, but a Sephiroth or some Solid Snake gear is set at the $1.99 price each.

LittleBigPlanet has created an interesting pricing structure for sackboy costumes, even adding a ‘rare’ (think purples) costume to the selection, obviously set at a higher pricepoint.  Some of the standard Sackboy/girl costumes priced at $0.99 include a frog suit and gorilla costume:

Premium costumes are also available for $1.99 each, and feature higher levels of detail:

While the Rare costumes have yet to have a price attached to them.  According to the official PlayStation blog, they’re waiting on just the right moment (read: Holiday shopping season) to release said Rare costume packs.

Not to settle on just individual packs, LittleBigPlanet is creating additional incentives to purchase by making both Basic and Premium costume bundles available.  The basic bundle will give users 4 of the basic costumes as a reduced price of $2.99, while the premium pack bundles 4 premium costumes at a reduced price of $5.99.

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