Challenge Games raises $10 Million in Series B funding

Love is in the air in Austin.  Or at least lots of investment cash.  Challenge Online Games of Austin, Texas has recently raised $10M in series B funding.  Globespan Capital Partners spearheaded the investment, with Sequoia Capital also contributing.

Challenge Online Games, Inc. currently has two free-to-play titles; Duels and Baseball Boss.  These titles combine the collectability and trading associated with collectible card games and sports cards with the popular MMORPG format.  Both games also feature an ease of access of community applications.  Challenge Games’ Duels facebook application was the first MMORPG to be fully integreated directly with facebook.  Duels and Baseball Boss differ from traditional MMORPGs in their play style: Instead of hours and hours of marathon play sessions, both titles are designed to be played in asynchronous, short-form turns.  Meaning, each round can be played in 5-15 minute intervals, without a player feeling that they are missing out on any ongoing action.  This play format also facilitates long distance and ‘when I have time’  play vs. players from across the street or around the world.

“Challenge Games is addressing a real need in the market,” said Eugene Yoo, Vice President at Globespan Capital Partners. “Short form, free-to-play, web-based games have the potential to pull new consumers into the category. And the engaging gameplay of their titles appeals to the active casual and hardcore gamer as well.”

“We believe this funding further demonstrates that we are bringing innovation and value to the gaming industry,” said Andrew Busey, founder and CEO of Challenge Online Games. “This funding will help us accelerate the growth of our business through the development of new games, explore partnership opportunities and potentially acquisitions.”

Again, both titles are free-to-play.  Challenge Games also offers VIP memberships via subscription fees, which provide players additional benefits including the ability to purchase special and unique items and cards to enhance the overall experience.

Challenge games was founded by veteran entrepreneur and gamer, Andrew Busey.  Busey is the author of Secrets of the MUD Wizards, was instrumental in the development of Mosaic; creating iChat, and building WebCenter.  Prior to Challenge Games, Busey co-founded Pluck which enables social media on top tier media outlets including, USA Today, and Reuters.

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